Wedding Q&A

What is your approach to shooting a wedding?

My approach to weddings is simple: capture amazing images that brings tears of joy to my clients and their friends and family. Boom! DONE! ……Ok, it’s more to it then that, but that is my ultimate goal with each and every wedding:) Aside from the fabulous photos, I aim to bring a positive and stress-free experience to your day.  I try to blend into the background as the day unfolds to capture the sweet, candid moments you will want to remember forever.  I’ll give a little guidance such as where to stand when you’re putting on your dress or reminding you to smile as your nerves are kicking in, but it’s in a minimal and gentle way.  Bottom line: I am not pushy or bossy, I’m in constant watch of keeping you on time, and I really want you to enjoy your incredible wedding day!

Will we meet before the wedding to discuss the timeline?

Absolutely!  As mentioned, I try my best to make the photography part of your wedding planning experience the least stressful part of your journey.  We’ll set up a time to meet a few weeks before your big day to discuss the flow and timing of the day’s events and additional logistics such as family shots and portrait ideas you have in mind.  This is tremendously helpful for everyone knowing we are all on the same page and helps you relax and enjoy your wedding as I do all the work!  If you are unable to meet, Skype is a beautiful thing or a good old fashion phone call works too!

Can I see a full wedding gallery?

Sure can!  I usually try and provide a few galleries for you to view that are similar to your style of wedding.  However, I at least want to talk to you first to get a feel for your type of wedding so I can provide galleries of interest to you…..and possibly inspiration!

What type of fancy camera/equipment do you use?

I come to every wedding with 2-3 professional DSLR cameras, at least 2 flashes, several lenses with varying focal lengths, about 8 CF cards, and off camera lighting. My camera is very sophisticated and can shoot in low light situations without a flash which is important for ceremony settings.  Want to get married at night by candlelight? I can do it!  And people always ask me why I come with so much equipment. Simple….because technology is never 100% reliable and I refuse to take chances on the most important day of your life.

2nd Photographer: Is it needed?

I get asked this all the time and it really is up to you and what you want.  There are obvious advantages to having a 2nd shooter such as covering two things at the same time (i.e. both you and the groom getting ready).  It also helps with alternate vantage points. For instance, if I’m on the floor getting you from the front walking down the aisle, I can have the back-up photographer on the balcony of the church getting a wide angle shot of the entire room.

But for all of these advantages, is it absolutely necessary?  Definitely not!  If you don’t have it in your budget for a 2nd photographer, I can assure you that I have shot plenty of weddings by myself and all of my couples have been more than pleased with what I was able to cover.  I can certainly show you full galleries where I shot weddings on my own to help ease your mind that it will be plenty of coverage.  But, if you are unsure if you want/need one, I can ask you several questions to help you decide if it’s necessary.  You can always decide later to add a 2nd photographer, but I do require a month’s notice before the wedding so I can ensure the availability of the photographer.

The Importance of an Engagement Session

I stress to all of my couples that you don’t want the first time you are having professional pictures taken to be on your wedding day where you have a million other things to worry about. The engagement session will give you an opportunity to preview my photography style and the way I give directions for great shots. It will also give you a chance to see how you and your fiancé photograph together. Many couples like certain poses over others and it helps me know what you prefer so I can prepare for the big day. If an engagement session is not in the budget, then during our wedding meeting I’ll ask you a series of questions to get a feel for your likes and dislikes in wedding portrait photography.  And I always welcome any photos you have collected of shots you want to re-create.  Google was created for a reason so let’s dig in, lol!

Unplugged Wedding: What is It and Why Do I Recommend It?

An Unplugged Wedding is basically a wedding where it is asked for the guests to refrain from taking pictures during the ceremony.  Over the years, with the advancement of cell phone technology as well as social networking, there have been an increasing number of cell phones, cameras, and even bulky iPads pulled out during wedding ceremonys which causes two issues:  First, your guests are not present in the moment and are more worried about their shots then the experience.  And secondly, guests will sometimes get in my way and completely ruin a shot.  I’ve had to ask guests to stay out of the aisle and MOST oblige (get that, only most, not all!), but once the ceremony starts, I’m basically hoping no one stands up or puts a camera in my line of sight to ruin a shot.  I’ll never forget this one time a groom was breaking down in tears as the bride was walking down the aisle, but the shot was completely ruined because a guest was holding up a cell phone camera trying to shoot the same thing.  You pay me big bucks to capture your memories and I’m guaranteeing you my photo is going to be better then any guest’s cell phone pic.  I think guests taking pictures during the cocktail hour and reception is totally fine, but asking them to put them away for the ceremony is definitely recommended.  I don’t require this, but I do think it’s a good idea and I can offer a few ways to tactfully communicate this to your guests.  I’d also like to add that this is becoming extremely popular and I see more and more of my couples asking for this to which I give a huge thumbs up!!!

Timeline/Sneak Peeks

I really, really strive to complete your full wedding gallery within 2-8 weeks of your wedding.  The exact date is contingent upon my workload and schedule during the busy weddings seasons. Having said that, I do give you sneak peeks along the way to give you something to look forward to and the first sneak peek comes just a few days after your wedding:)

Print Release/Printing Suggestions

With your digital images, you will be given a print release that allows you to make as many prints/copies, albums or Thank You cards as you wish. The only thing you cannot do with this print release is publish or sell the photos as I still retain the copyright to all of the photos.  So, if you become famous down the road and want to sell your wedding pics to People magazine, you have to ask my permission to do so.  I also provide printing suggestions for getting the best possible prints of your images and the number one site I recommend is MPIX  They are the sister company of a professional print vendor and they are awesome!!

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