Portrait Q&A

What is your photography style?

I photograph life and all of the humor, happiness and sometimes tears that comes with it!   Life is not perfect, but that’s what makes it awesome people!  So, what does this mean?  It means that I do not come with a boatloads of props and off camera lighting and plop your baby in a pumpkin and create a tense atmosphere cause we’re holding our breath trying to make the baby do something that no child wants to do: sit still.  Hopefully that made you laugh, lol!

But for real…..If you want a posed, proppy studio image, then I’m not the photographer for you.  I dabbled in this when I first started out professionally and it is simply not my style.  I like chasing the kiddos around and letting them be themselves.  I also like to guide my couples during their engagement sessions and do and say everything possible to get them to laugh so they look as relaxed and natural as possible.  Fun and real: it’s my company motto!

Why should I pick you?

Because I’m awesome!!  Haha, just kidding!!  I have a lot of fun with my clients during their portrait shoots and it’s very important to me that everyone is comfortable and has a good time. I work really hard to make it a relaxed and special experience so that when you look back at the photos years down the road, you’re thinking, “Man, that was a good time!  Let’s do it again!!”  (wink, wink!)

How do I pay you?

A $50 non-refundable security deposit is due with the signed contract and the remaining balance is due the day of the shoot.  Because credit cards charge an outlandish transaction fee, I currently only accept cash or check for portrait shoots.

What if we have to reschedule?

Life happens and I don’t think we should be punished for it.  It is totally ok to reschedule a portrait shoot, but just understand that the rescheduled date will have to work around my busy schedule and you may not get the date or time you want.  So TRY not to reschedule, but if you have to, it’s all good!

What time of the day is best?

Believe it or not, the best light for outside photographs is in the early morning between 8:00am and 10:00am or in the late afternoon from 4:00pm to dusk. The mid-day sun is simply too harsh and can produce unflattering shadows. Actually, an overcast day provides beautiful, even light, but I do understand if you want to strive for a bright blue sky.  But if we shoot just before sunset, we can get some pretty amazing and creative shots in the dark using off camera light or aiming for a cool silhouette shot.  Just sayin’……

What is the best location?

I always recommend that you choose a location that is meaningful to you, but if you can’t think of anything, parks, beaches, universities, cities and small towns all provide great settings for pictures and I can offer some suggestions to you to help make a decision.

Do you charge a travel fee?

I’ve done photoshoots as South as Virginia and as North as New York and I honestly will travel anywhere.  However, If the location falls outside an 80 mile roundtrip travel radius from my current residence in Bear, DE, it is subject to a travel fee (location specific).

Picking a day: weekend vs. weekday

Because I shoot weddings during most weekends, and I have family obligations, I try my best to schedule portrait shoots during the week. I understand that weekends are sometimes the only time a family can get together to take pictures and I will try my best to accommodate your schedule. However, especially in the summertime when it’s warm with longer daylight, I really try to plan shoots during the week in the late afternoon or early evening. This time is especially great for engagement sessions as the soft light is incredibly romantic!

How do I prepare for a shoot?

Before every shoot, I will plan a time for us to chat to discuss details and brainstorm ideas for possible shots you want to capture. I am open to all suggestions and am pretty much willing to try anything!  As far as outfits, pretty much anything goes, but try and stay away from matchy-matchy outfits as well as busy prints.  And yes, you can absolutely do an outfit change if you like.

For family sessions, how do you get kids to WANT to do this?

At the beginning of every family session with little ones, the first 10-15 minutes are usually designated to getting the kiddos warmed up. It is important that they are comfortable and happy and that they trust me before my scary camera comes out. I inform all of my parents to allow their little ones the time they need to get comfortable so I usually sit and play with them in the beginning and ask them about ideas they have of pictures they want to do and even let them take pictures with the camera…..they tend to eat this up! I also come with candy and stickers as bribes if it’s needed.  And although we will take portraits of them looking at the camera, the real winners are the candids of them being themselves and having a great time so I really try not to pressure them right away to pose for us.  I promise it will happen, but we are on their clock, not ours, lol!

When will I get to view my photos?

A lot goes into the creation of your final pictures.  I pour my heart into my work and each photo is carefully tweaked to enhance the beauty of the moment captured.  And because I sometimes shoot several shoots a week along with weddings, it takes a lot of post-editing time to complete this most important step.  My guideline for date of completion is 1-2 weeks depending on my workload and schedule.  I certainly try my best to finish before this deadline, but with all things considered, it may take the full 2 weeks. If you need your pictures sooner, I do offer a two-day turn-around time for a $50 fee, but you must let me know at least 5 days before the shoot so I can plan accordingly.

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