About Me

Hi! I’m Jess……and I have no idea what to write for this section of my website, lol! I have an undergrad in journalism so you would think this would be easy, right? Well, it’s totally not, hahaha! So I’m just going to list of the most interesting points about me and what I do.  Cheers!


Professional Tidbits:

  • I’m originally from Delaware, but have ben living in Havre de Grace for 10 years.
  • My passion for photography started early and I actually owned my first fancy camera in high school.
  • I worked as a Recruiter in a Human Resources department as my first career.
  • I’m entering my 5th year of professional photography and I have been doing this as my full time job for over 2 years, woo hoo!
  • Yes, I sometimes work in pajamas….and also at the beach.  Self employment; that’s what’s up!
  • I’m very laid back and easy going as well as very organized.
  • I tend to overuse exclamation marks and emoticons because I get excited very easily!!! :):):)

Personal Tidbits:

  • My family consists of my husband,Charlie, and our two sons, Logan and Zachary.
  • We frequent the Delaware beaches in the summer and LOVE swimming!
  • Favorite vacation spots are Key West and Disney World…..that place is the best!
  • I enjoy being active whenever I can whether it’s at the gym, cleaning the house or chasing my little dudes around the playground.
  • I appreciate craft beers (used to be a bartender) and independent restaurants (love eating outside).
  • OH, and I’m a Yankees and Ravens fan….try to figure that one out, lol!

Thanks for reading about lil’ ol’ me and I hope to meet you soon!!!

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